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Diamond Package

All-inclusive catering and vendor package

The Diamond Package was designed to take the guesswork out of your wedding planning process. The four all-inclusive packages incorporate the same level of care and expertise as our planning packages, but with the added level of security in knowing that any services you wish to utilize will be provided by our list of pre-selected vendors. These vendors have been vetted and verified for skill and quality by our expert team and are distinguished in their industry for continued excellence.

Diamond Packages

1 Carat

This package is perfect for destination weddings or ceremony only weddings. It covers your essential needs for an elegant yet simple celebration.

4 Carat

Feel relieved on your big day knowing the essentials are under control. This package is perfect for budget-minded couples that are only looking for the essential services and vendors.

7 Carat

Conscientious couples that desire a little flair can still have it all. Premiere couples can elect to enjoy the services of several supplementary vendors, making your day truly extraordinary and without worry.

Additional Services

If you’re looking for your wedding to be covered from top to bottom, these are some additional services that can be added on to any of the other Diamond Packages.