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Unique Event Catering Experiences for Your Corporate Holiday Party

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time to start planning your corporate holiday party! One of the best ways to show your team gratitude and appreciation at your holiday party is to indulge them in delicious event catering. Let’s take your corporate holiday party to the next level this year with a unique event catering experience! We’re talking about creating unforgettable moments through food & beverage that your team will absolutely eat up.

At John Michael Events, we understand that a well-crafted menu and an exceptional dining experience can elevate any event, but especially your holiday soiree. No matter what theme or vibe you’re going for with your corporate holiday party, we have a creative event catering solution for you.

After all, a holiday party is the ideal time to celebrate your team’s accomplishments over the past year and set the tone for the new, upcoming year. Why not create an energetic atmosphere with a dose of creativity and fun? We’ll show you how to do this with your event catering in this post. These innovative ideas will help send your team into the new year in the best way possible!

Themed Events:

One of the first items you’ll need to consider when planning your corporate holiday party is the theme. You can never go wrong with a classic Christmas theme with a red, green, and gold color scheme. Think fluffy green garlands, fir Christmas trees, metallic ornaments as part of the table centerpieces, and poinsettias. Similarly, you could opt for a winter wonderland theme with a light blue, silver, and white color palette and snowflake imagery integrated into your décor. These timeless themes are great if your company is more traditional or if you’re in a luxury market.


However, if you want to infuse more whimsy and creativity into your corporate holiday party this year, let your imagination run wild to come up with a unique event theme that your guests won’t expect. Perhaps the theme can tie into your business or the industry that you’re in. If your team is close-knit or you have a creative company culture, consider creating a theme based on your team’s preferences. You can even draw inspiration from your holiday party’s venue! Our sister company, Celebration Gardens, is the perfect place to celebrate your team and you can have a lovely garden party theme to complement their natural botanical gardens.



Another example of a fun, whimsical theme is “Alice in Wonderland” to inspire a sense of wonder and adventure in your guests. When you work with us here at John Michael Events, we don’t just provide event catering. We work with you one-on-one to create an immersive event experience, which means we help develop your theme and bring it to life! We can come up with themed event catering options, even renaming the food & beverage selections to fit the theme, decorate the food tables accordingly, and have our serving staff be part of the fun!

Our staff loves to contribute to your event’s theme by adding appropriate, themed pieces to their uniforms, like hats, glasses, bow ties and the like. This further helps create the illusion that your guests are in another world for the duration of your event!

Live Action Stations:

Another unique event catering idea for your holiday party is to incorporate live action stations during the meal service. Having one of our Chefs live carve beef brisket, hangar steak or pork tenderloin is a fun way to add an interactive element to the event. It also helps elevate the feel of your holiday party, making guests feel like they are getting the true VIP experience, which they are!

Aside from our carving stations, you may also consider our Chef prepared flaming donuts station! Our professional Chef will flambe donut holes in front of your guests in brown sugar and butter, creating an irresistible scent that will instantly draw guests in! They will then have the choice to roll their donuts in a variety of toppings, including chocolate curls, coconut, crumbled bacon, crushed Oreos, powdered sugar and more. This live action station is a picture-worthy event catering moment and will delight your guests to no end!

To add an even sweeter note to your event catering menu, simply select our ice cream bar or sweet treats display! One of our staff can serve your attendees at these stations, wearing a costume to fit your unique theme. From chocolate covered strawberries to Bavarian cream berry tarts to of course, a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings, your team will love the countless sweet options they will have!

Stations are a wonderful way to promote a more casual vibe at your holiday party. Guests can roam through the event space, indulging in food from every station while mixing and mingling along the way. If you’re hoping for your holiday party to be downright fun, stations are the way to go!

Unexpected Gourmet Delicacies:

Speaking of food stations, one of our favorite event catering ideas for your holiday party is simply treating your team to unexpected gourmet delicacies. It’s not every day that people get to savor options like crab stuffed mushroom caps, shrimp paella, filet mignon, or cilantro curry seared tilapia. Showering your guests in luxury at your event will show that you appreciate them and all the hard work they’ve put in over the course of the year.

Our goal as a top Orlando caterer is to always provide excellent food and guest service, no matter the occasion. Event catering is what we do, but doing it in the most professional, seamless, and friendly way is what differentiates us from the rest. Thus, we are always open to creating completely custom menus for you! Our team of gourmet Chefs have cooked just about everything in their experience, so if you’re looking for a Mediterranean, Indian, Latin American menu or something else altogether, they are more than willing!

Creating an Experiential Event: 

The key to transforming your holiday party into a true experience is accounting for every detail! Every aspect of your event should transport your guests to another world, where they can release the stress of the office and truly immerse themselves in the party. You can start to accomplish this with a welcome drink upon the attendees’ arrival. Our staff can butler pass the drinks, set them as a beverage station, or serve them from the bar, but no matter which option you go with, a specialty welcome drink will immediately capture the attention of your guests. This is especially true if you have a themed drink with a fun color, garnish, or décor!

You can also have special surprises in store for your team at your holiday party! Examples of this include specialty entertainment, like a roaming magician or live music, the action stations we mentioned earlier in this post, or even surprise guests, like a beer burrow or llama! These unique elements will have your guests raving for weeks after the holiday party, and show them that you thought of everything!

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