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Step Up To The Buffet

Our John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering team found this meme of a wedding guest charging the buffet ages ago. But it was too fun not to use in a blog post about our buffets. While we are taking some new safety precautions, there are several things we’ve always done that set our Orlando catering team apart.

John Michael’s Buffets

Our buffets are our most popular service selection. They are one of our most affordable options and a great value in terms of the number of options we offer our guests. Our John Michael buffets allow your guests to pick and choose the perfect meal.

Our Classic Wedding Buffet Package allows you to offer your wedding guests –

• One Salad selection

• One Entrée selection from Chicken, Meat or Fish options. 

• One Pasta selection

• Two Side Dish selections 

• Freshly baked Rosemary Garlic, Honey Wheat and Sea Salt Yeast Rolls with Butter

CLICK HERE – to check out everything included in this fantastic package. 

We also offer an awesome upgraded Inclusive Buffet Package.

John Michael’s Standard of Service

While we laugh at the meme, we also know that this ‘charging the buffet’ happens at many catered events.

Our Standard of Service is that our John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering team invites your wedding guests up to the buffet a table at a time. Before COVID-19, it was the polite thing to do. Now it’s the safe thing to do as well.

Additionally, we have always fixed plates for our couples, so they didn’t need to go up to the buffet. In our planning meeting, we typically ask couples if they are okay with a little of everything from the buffet or specific foods they want.

Some couples ask that “high-risk tables,” usually grandparents or elderly guests, be released to the buffet first. We are always happy to do this to allow those guests to go through before releasing any other tables. 

Buffet Signage and Safety

Currently, our staff is serving all of our buffets. Our team is wearing protective masks during the entire event and wear gloves when serving the buffet. 

As always, our John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering team provides laminated menu signs for all of our buffet items. These identify the foods for the guests and the ingredients and, in many cases, potential allergens. 

Plates are placed on the buffet and only handled by our staff until their food selections are completed. 

Completely Customizable Buffet Packages

The other fabulous thing about our buffet packages is how customizable they are!

Beyond the dozens of fabulous food options available in each package, there are incredible upgraded options to enhance your dining experience.

From adding a selection of our incredible Butler Passed Hors D’ oeuvres to your Classic Buffet Package to the additions of Full Liquor Open Bar or upgraded Chef Carved Meats and inspired Creations. There is something there for just about every couple to include their favorite foods.

Our John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering team look forward to chatting with you about our incredible buffet options. 
But, don’t forget we also offer amazing Plated, Station Style, and Brunch options for your Central Florida wedding!